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Application of CMC in toothpaste

We have more requirements on daily living equipments with development of living standard. Toothpaste is necessities of life. And many functional type and health care type new products have been developed, which has high and new requirement on CMC.

Features of Weiyi toothpaste used CMC
Fine liquidity and thixotropy
Acid resistance: with PH 2-4
Salt resistance: can be added in any inorganic salt toothpaste
Heat resistant: fine and stable heat resistant effect
High transparency: high degree of substitution, small amount of free fiber and high degree of transparency
Strong antimicrobial resistance

Effect in manufacturing of toothpaste
Fine compatibility, even mix of toothpaste components
Endow toothpaste with fine moldability
Fine and smooth
Toothpaste level CMC models: TH9, TH10, TH12, T500 or on demands