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Application of CMC in oil field

Effect of CMC in oil field
Mud with CMC makes wall of a well thin and solid
Add CMC in mud to make drilling machine get low shearing force
Mud with CMC almost is not influenced by mould
Mud with CMC has fine stability

Advantages of Weiyi CMC in oilfield
High degree of substitution, fine evenness, high viscosity, low dosage
Wet resistance, salt resistance, base resistance
For fresh water, sea water and saturated salt water mud
For mud system with high solid content and large range of variation

Features of Weiyi fracturing fluid used CMC
Fine gel property
Excellent sand-carrying property
Easily for gel breaking
Low residue
Reduce pollution
Better crosslinking property

Models: PAC-LV , PAC-R, PAC-HV
Fracturing fluid: 6000G