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Application of CMC in ceramics

CMC is used as excipient, plasticizer and fortifier of preform body in ceramic industry. Used in ground coat, face coat, printed coat

Application of CMC in ceramic preform
Increase binding force of preform
Improve bearing strength of preform and reduce rate of spoil
Evaporate moisture in material and prevent season cracking

Application of CMC in ground coat and face coat
Stable dispersing state of preform body
Improve surface tension of glaze
Slow down dispersing speed of water from glaze to preform
Increase smoothness of glaze

Application of CMC in printed glaze
High water solubility, high degree of transparency of solution
Non-stick, no blocking and effectively reduce of cleaning times of screen
Fine solution, excellent liquidity
Excellent printing property
Fine acid and base resistance
Models: CH9, C1002, C1592, CH2000